Concert Videos

The piano solo videos below are taken from Alan Kogosowski's DVD series entitled: Frederic Chopin - A Life to Remember.

"Heroic" Polonaise

The moving music of Chopin.

Mazurka in D Major

Devoted to the well-springs of Chopin’s heritage and upbringing.

"Tristesse" Etude

Chopin, the voice of all people, dreaming of lost loves, lost childhood, departed home.

"Winter Wind" Etude

The heroically dramatic side of Chopin's art, combining intense passion with pianistic pyrotechnics.

Scherzo No. 2 in B Flat Minor

Irresistible passion and yearning poetry combined.

"Raindrop" Prelude

Chopin the enchanter, weaving a magic spell as only he can.

Waltz in C Sharp Minor

Always the poet, even when dancing, as in this famous example which became an essential part of the ballet Les Sylphides.