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An e-book about Frederic Chopin for everyone:

Genius of the Piano is amazingly complete. It is a very unique work and a real ‘page turner,’ as the saying goes. The way it creates the Paris of Chopin’s period is very clever and quite hypnotic. An excellent balance–I really like the way the way the information and the personalities weave in and out very seamlessly.

Juliette de Marcellus



With a wealth of lively anecdote as well as essential practical information, Genius of the Piano by acclaimed pianist Alan Kogosowski, is a book one can dip into at any point (or just read the helpfully detailed index for fun). Each of the twelve chapters is self-contained, covering a different area of music and culture, including the development of the piano, opera, virtuoso instrumentalists, the symphony orchestra, literature and painting, the philosophy of Romanticism, the history of piano pedagogy, etc. The unifying human thread is Frederic Chopin, and the practical one his Etudes.

For ease of reading,  you may want to e-mail the e-book to someone at a nearby office depot and ask to have it printed out. Specify double-sided printing, with the cover in color, and coil binding with a clear plastic cover.
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