Genius of the Piano & Mastering the Chopin Etudes eBooks Package


A virtual compendium of piano technique.

I instantly went to my piano and tried Chopin’s first Etude using this principle of displacing the hand to the next position without stretching: It was a MIRACLE!!!!!!!! It worked like a DREAM: no tension, no stiffening, no tiring of my hand. It felt so easy, so non-straining. I could go on playing the piano using this principle for ever without feeling any stiffening, etc. Since I am a physician, your applying anatomy and physiology to explaining piano technique is a total BLESSING: it makes the principle easy to understand.

Zuhair Bakdoud


A journey through Chopin’s Etudes in the context of his life, the history of the piano, and the Romantic movement in music.

Double-volume set examining the life and work of Frederic Chopin and the history of pianism, plus a comprehensive examination of how the piano is actually played. The&nbsp;<em>Etudes</em>&nbsp;of Chopin are used as a framework for this exposition, as they form a landmark in the development of piano playing, but the insights to be gained from this study are applicable across the repertoire.

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